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What we do

We work closely with our clients to design and implement effective solutions  to realise desired goals and targets.  Our approach applies equally well whether you are a small business with 5-20 employees or a multi national company.  We tailor the size of our specialist consulting team to suit your specific requirements.

Strategy Development & Execution

  • MAT&D Consulting addresses the critical questions facing senior executives and develops innovative blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value.

  • We apply demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

  • Our rigorous methodology ensures that your Executive team is fully aligned to the strategy.  We ensure you are asking the right strategic questions and continuously ‘engineer’ alignment into your planning and execution processes.

  • The Balanced Scorecard approach to developing your Strategy Map prioritises key initiatives and projects.

  • Our tools and techniques provide a clear articulated journey to execute your strategy with key milestones.

Profit Analysis and Improvement

  • Every organisation requires a portfolio of products and/or services.

  • MAT&D Consulting help you assess your product and/or service profitability by customer / market.  We do this by allocating your sales, administration and overhead costs according to the resource and activity required.

  • Developing an understanding of key cost drivers facilitates alignment between strategy and resource allocation.


  • The profitability matrix provides enormous insight to our clients enabling them to make informed decisions about how to grow their business profitably based on what to do, and equally importantly what not to do.

  • Our rigorous approach ensures that sku rationalization is undertaken with a comprehensive understanding on the EBITDA impact.

Business Process and Systems Redesign

  • MAT&D Consulting develop and embed business processes which align strategy with value creation.

  • We work with your team to ensure that the combination of people, processes, and technology  optimize the value proposition to your customers.

  • Our Business Process Reengineering (BPR) methodology is designed to deliver dramatic increases in performance by radically redesigning our client’s core and support business processes.

  • We assist our clients to extract the most value out of highly prescriptive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

  • We undertake value stream mapping analyzing activity attributes such as time, quality and cost drivers. 

  • We establish performance metrics including the development of Dashboards and KPIs in Performance Appraisal systems.

Turnarounds, Transformation and Change Management

  • Major change presents significant challenges to an organisation and its leaders.

  • Successful EBITDA Transformation requires consistent and effective communication of the change imperative and your organisation’s vision, core values, and desired behaviours.


  • MAT&D Consulting focus our Turnaround services on helping our clients navigate the challenges resulting from re-examining the organisation’s “reason for being” and core competencies.


  • Our approach focuses on  supporting the development of High Performance Teams tasked with delivering critical performance improvement initiatives.

  • Our team brings extensive change management and Project Management Office (PMO) experience in delivering complex projects with organisation-wide implications across a wide range of industries.

Supply Chain Optimisation

  • MAT&D Consulting assist our clients to define and implement optimal supply chain and logistics strategies.

  • We are results focused and our approach delivers fast and sustainable improvements in Delivery In Full and On Time (DIFOT), whilst improving both working capital and costs to serve.

  • We analyse the current supply chain to identify the key levers to improve supply chain and sales & operations planning performance.

  • Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure effective knowledge transfer and to prioritise initiatives based on Return on Investement (ROI).

Mergers, Acquistions, Integration and Divestments

  • MAT&D Consulting has experience with qualifying acquisition targets including the development of Board Presentations.


  • Our transaction support services have assisted clients with the development of Data Rooms for Due Diligence (DD), as well as assisting them undertake the DD process.


  • We have experience in project managing the Merger & Acquisition process including co-ordination of client resources with the Investment Bankers and legal advisors.


  • We have assisted our clients by working with Trade Practices Lawyers to develop submissions to the ACCC.


  • Our post-acquisition services include acting as Project Director to ensure smooth and timely business integration focused on delivery of identified synergy benefits.

  • Using effective project management skills, we have also assisted our clients with managing Divestments including supporting negotiations and managing the implementation program.



Insightful Analysis and Executive Information Systems

  • MAT&D Consulting assist our clients with identifying financial performance opportunities through insightful analysis of both internal and externally sourced information.


  • Using a hypothesis approach to correlating information we can assist our clients with strategic decision making.

  • We work with clients in both services and manufacturing industries to achieve Operational Excellence applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) techniques supported with appropriate software.

  • Through the design of Executive Information Systems (EIS) using dashboards and balanced scorecards we assist our clients to manage up (including their Board of Directors) and across their organisations.

  • Using project delivery reporting frameworks linked with with performance incentive systems, we help our clients to align objectives and behaviours.