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At MAT&D we are committed to the following 4 key values:

Delivering Value

We have a single minded focus on delivering exceptional value with our clients through building a relationship built on honesty and trust.


We demonstrate integrity through honest, ethical and authentic communication, a high level of transparency in all of our dealings, and ensuring we partner with other like-minded organisations.

Leadership & Teamwork

We are committed to demonstrating leadership through clearly articulated vision and inspiring team members to focus on the achievement of project outcomes.  We strive to develop client staff and embed knowledge thus improving our client’s capability.  We empower through the appropriate delegation of authority and facilitate the requisite level of responsibility and accountability.  We encourage creativity and innovation in the achievement of common objectives.

Striving for excellence

We recognize that excellence is a prerequisite for building successful and enduring relationships with clients. MAT&D aim to ensure that our service delivery consistently meets or exceeds our client expectations and requirements.