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How we can help

Why work with us?

  1. We listen carefully to you to understand your business and your requirements, and develop a personalised solution
  2. We deliver solutions using expert consultants, and tried and tested techniques to ensure that exceptional and sustainable value is created
  3. We look for creative ways to achieve your desired outcomes
  4. We understand the importance of cultural fit and adhere to your core values
  5. We use collaboration and experiential learning to provide effective transfer of  knowledge to your people, promoting self-reliance and empowerment
  6. We uncover opportunities and risks, and present them to you as soon as they arise.

Our approach

To work closely with our clients to implement organisation changing initiatives which create long-term stakeholder value.

  1. Clear articulation of scope including identification of benefits and value at the outset
  2. Defining early in a project, areas which are irrelevant, unsupported, and/or unviable, not feasible
  3. Aligning costs with specific benefits to ensure value optimisation
  4. Developing an effective governance structure which ensures successful strategy execution
  5. Implementing KPIs to track delivery and prioritise initiatives
  6. Focusing decision making based on sound information and agreed outcomes, benefits and values.


MAT&D Consulting - a dynamic, responsive and value-creation focused consultancy.